LS-DYNA is installed and is available for users that have access to a departmental license

Setting up path/environment

To load LS-DYNA path please use the command:

Single/Double precision

There are two versions of the executable, a single and a double precsion version. For the MPI version these are:
ls-dyna-mpp-s for the single precision version and ls-dyna-mpp-d for the double precision version.

License server and example job script

The job can be submitted by using the command qsub . Below is an example job script. You will need to amend to point to your local license server, you should be able to get this information from your local IT support, and use the appropriate . The example script below requests 8 cpus, 1Gb RAM/cpu for 2 hours and running from the current working directory:

Please note that you can omit the module load command and insert #$ -V if you have already loaded the module.