ARC3 Modules

This listing was created from the module avail command on Friday the 7th of April 2017.


Module Version(s) Description
advisor 2017.1.1.486553 Vector optimisation prototyping
allinea 7.0 Allinea Forge – DDT/MAP debugging/profiling
cmake 3.7.2 Cross-platform build system
inspector 2017.1.1.484836 Vector optimisation prototyping
licenses Default licenses
sge SGE batch system
singularity 2.2 Image based container software
system System utility modules
test Adds the test module paths
user Default environment settings


Module Version(s) Description


Module Version(s) Description
cuda 8.0.44 CUDA development environment for NVIDIA GPUs
gnu 6.3.0(default) GNU GCC compiler suite
intel 17.0.1(default) GNU GCC compiler suite
java 8u121 Oracle Java SDK
llvm 3.9.1 Modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies
pgi 16.9(default) Modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies
python 2.7.13 Programming language
yasm 1.2.0 Rewrite of NASM assembler


Module Version(s) Description
atlas 3.10.3 Optimised BLAS and LAPACK libraries (inc. LAPACK 3.6.1)
boost 1.60.0 Peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
cube 4.3.4 Cube C-writer, C++ reader, tools and GUI
darshan 3.1.3 HPC I/O characterisation tool
dyninst 8.1.2 API for program binary analysis and instrumentation
extrae 3.4.3 Generate paraver trace files
ffmpeg 3.2.1 Audio and video codec libraries
fftw 2.1.5 Discrete Fourier Transform library
hdf5 1.8.17 File format for storing and managing data
hpctoolkit 2016.12 Suite of tools for measurement and analysis of program performance
hypre 2.11.2 Parallel sparse linear equation solver
intelmpi 2017.1.132 Intel MPI 3.0 library
libdwarf 20161124 Debugging Information Format library
libx264 20161130-2245 Library and application for encoding video to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
mkl 2017.1 Intel Math Kernel Library (optimised BLAS, LAPACK, etc.)
mpe2 2.4.9b MPI program profiler
mpiP 3.4.1 Lightweight MPI profiling library
must 1.5 MPI program profiler
mvapich2 2.2 MPI 3.0 library (MPICH for InfiniBand)
netcdf 4.4.1 NetCDF library (inc. pnetcdf 1.6.1 and hdf5 1.8.17)
ompP 0.8.5 OpenMP application profiling tool
openmpi 2.0.2(default) OpenMP application profiling tool
openspeedshop 2.3 Application performance analysis
osmesa 13.0.4 Off-screen OpenGL implementation (no X required)
otf2 2.0 MPI Open Trace Format 2
papi 5.5.1 Performance Application Programming Interface
paraver 4.6.3 Extrae data analyser
pdt 3.23 Program Database Toolkit
petsc 3.4.5 Parallel partial differential equations solver
pgplot 5.2.2 Device-independent graphics library
python-libs 3.0.0 Python modules for numerical work
qt 4.8.6 Cross-platform application and UI framework
scalasca 2.3.1 Measuring and analysing parallel runtime behaviour
scorep 3.0 Score-P measurement infrastructure
silo 4.10.2 Mesh and Field I/O Library and Scientific Database
suitesparse 4.5.4 Sparse matrix software (UMFPACK, CHOLMOD, etc.)
tau 2.26 Tuning and Analysis Utilities
valgrind 3.12.0 Program analysis tools


Module Version(s) Description
ampl solver
ansys 17.1 Finite element methods
ansysem 17.1 ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite
comsol 5.2a Multiphysics simulation software environment
dl_poly 4.08 Multiphysics simulation software environment
gaussian G09.D01 Electronic structure modeling
gromacs 5.0.2 Molecular dynamics package
idl 8.6 Data analysis, visualization and software development
lammps 17Nov16 Classical molecular dynamics
matlab R2016a A high-level technical computing language
molpro 2010.1.34 Molecular dynamics package
namd 2.12 Molecular dynamics of biomolecular systems
openeye 3.2 Molecular docking tool
openfoam 3.0.1 CFD software package
paraview 5.3.0 Data analysis and visualisation
paraview-osmesa 5.3.0 Data analysis and visualisation (CPU rendering)
R 3.3.2 Statistical computing and graphics
starccm 11.04.012 CFD solver
visit 2.12.1 Parallel visualisation and graphical analysis tool
vmd 1.9.3 Molecular visualisation program