Compilers and Interpreters



We do not have user documentation pages for all compilers and interpreters, any that are in the table that has a link will connect to our documentation. If you want to contribute towards documentation for any software, please contact us.

We do not deal with software licenses as we do not hold the budget for them; it is the PI of the research project responsibility to have the right budget for the software that is needed. Any unusual information about licenses or how to set up a license on the ARC system is in a web page linked to from this table. Information on open source licenses and their conditions of use are available from

Software version(s) 1 2 M1 Description
epd 7.3-1 Y Enthought Python distribution
ghc 6.8.3 Y Glasgow Haskell Compiler
7.8.2 Y
ghc-eden 7.8.2 Y Parallel Functional Programming with Haskell
gnu 4.2.3 Y Configures the user environment to use the GNU compiler suite
4.4.5 Y
4.7.1 Y
4.8.1 Y Y
4.9.1 Y
native Y Y
intel 11.1.059 Y Configures the user environment to use the Intel compiler suite
2011.2.137 Y Y Y
15.0.0 Y Y
java 1.6.0_17 Y Sun Java
7u45 Y Y
mono 2.8.1 Y Compiler and runtime for C# programming language
perl 5.8.8 Y Perl programming language
pgi 10.0 Y Configures the user environment to use the Portland Group compiler suite
11.3 Y
13.6 Y Y
python 2.6.5 Y Programming language
2.7.2 Y
2.7.6 Y
3.1.2 Y
3.3.2 Y
3.3.6 Y
native Y Y
tcl 8.3.5 Y Tcl/Tk programming language and graphical toolkit
yasm 1.2.0 Y Y Modular 80×86 assembler