We offer a number of training courses on a wide range of topics related to programming, data analysis and High Performance Computing.

Our courses are at Beginner and Intermediate levels. More advanced courses are available through ARCHER training, whose courses are free to all academic and research staff and students.

Click on the link below for more information about the course and how to book.

Beginner Advanced
Introduction to Linux for HPC Installing and managing applications on the HPC service
Introduction to HPC Computer Architectures for HPC
Software Carpentry (Python) Introduction to OpenMP parallel programming
Software Carpentry (R) Introduction to MPI parallel programming
Data Carpentry Scientific Python
Version control with Git and Github High Performance Python
Cloud Computing for Research
Docker and Singularity: Containers for HPC

If you require training in an area related to High Performance Computing or research software development that we do not currently provide please contact us and let us know. This will allow us to develop training that is relevant to researchers at the University of Leeds.