Advanced SGE: Submitting Mixed Mode Jobs

The ‘mixed mode’ (MPI+OpenMP) programming model is currently only supported on ARC2. This typically involves MPI processes running across nodes and OpenMP threads upon each node with the total number of processes (MPI*OpenMP) equalling the number of physical processor cores.

Your code will need to call MPI_Init and make use of OpenMP directives. You will compile your code using an MPI wrapper and enabling OpenMP support, for example

You will need to determine ppn , the number of MPI processes per node, and tpp , the number of OpenMP threads per MPI process.

Additionally, you can either ask for a given number of nodes nodes or for the total number of MPI processes np . Note that ppn is related to np since ppn = np/nodes .

Your submission script would then need to contain:


Given there are 16 cores per node, you would typically ensure ppn*tpp=16


To run an MPI+OpenMP executable mixed.exe with 64 MPI processes each launching 4 OpenMP threads, the following submission script would be needed:

This will allocate 16 nodes (=16*16=256 cores).
Each node will have 4 MPI processes, each of which will have 4 OpenMP threads (so 4*4=16 processes per node in total, and 16*16=256 (=64MPI*4OpenMP) processes in total.

Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved by:

Note that the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable is automatically set by the batch system and so you do not need to set this in your environment.