Spring 2021 TechTalks Series

Come along to our Spring 2021 TechTalk series with a range of talks on Tools and Platforms

Join us for our upcoming ‘Spring 2021’ (yes, it is spring…) series of Research Computing TechTalks.

Our theme this semester is ‘Tools and Platforms’ and we’ve a wide range of talks and demonstrations planned for you including presentations from NAG, NVidia, Matlab and colleagues from Research Computing groups at other Universities.

The first three are open for booking now. We’ll keep you regularly updated when we finalise more dates.

From Google Colab to HPC and back again

Presented by: Martin Callaghan Many people use Google Colab (and other Jupyter Notebook tools) to develop and run their Deep Learning and other research code, but it’s often a nuisance to develop in one place and then move these codes over to HPC where the ‘big’ resources live. In this talk we’ll show you some hints and tips to move codes, trained networks and data quickly and easily between Notebooks and ARC and how to run jobs directly from the Notebook without having to bother with an SSH session.

Date: Friday 5th March- 2pm to 3pm
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The new Tier 2 HPC platforms

Presented by: The Research Computing Team In this session, we’ll discuss the new ‘Tier 2’ HPC platforms that Leeds researchers have access to (Bede and JADE-2). Both of these new systems are chock-full of the latest GPUs, so if you’ve struggled to find GPU resource on ARC3 or ARC4, now we’ve got even more.

We’ll look at:

  • their basic architecture
  • similarities and differences with Leeds HPC
  • applying for time
  • getting started

Date: Friday 12th March- 2pm to 3pm
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Flexible Teaching and Learning with Azure Labs

Presented by: The Research Computing Team

Azure Labs is a flexible and straightforward way of providing bespoke Linux or Windows ‘desktops in the cloud’. You can easily run a class, set up a training lab, or host a hackathon in the cloud that your students and users can access from anywhere, any time. You can set up tools, applications and data in advance or let your users do it themselves- as they have ‘root’ access to their own resource.

In this session we’ll look at setup and configuration, costs and some potential use-cases.

Date: Friday 19th March- 2pm to 3pm
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