Here we list the groups, services and organisations that we work closely with and/or who provide complementary facilities to ARC:

N8 HPC – The N8 are the Northern 8 red brick Universities and they have joined together to provide regional HPC systems.

PETAL – The Petabyte Environmental Tape Archive and Library service is provided by the School of Earth and Environment (SEE) at the University of Leeds and is currently only available to SEE staff.

RSE Leeds Network – Research Software Engineers (RSEs) are people who develop software and/or support the use of computers and computer technologies for research purposes. They can work in a variety of job roles so if you think you may be one please join in.

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry – Teaching basic skills for research computing.

Software Sustainability Institute – The Institute was founded to support the UK’s research software community – a community that includes the majority of UK’s researchers.

Women in HPC – Raising Awareness of Women in HPC through Research; Raising the Profile of Women in HPC by Networking; Increasing the Visibility of Women in HPC through Events

Women in HPC Leeds hub – a local hub to an internationally recognized network that aims to improve the gender balance (and the balance of under-represented groups generally) in the field of HPC.