This web site is mainly documentation that explains how to use the ARC systems and information about the software that is installed on them. The quantity and type of information means that if all pages were included in the menu it would be difficult to instance the entire menu and have it rendered on all screen types so the menus only give information on the main trunk of the information. All the branches and leaves of the tree are listed here in the sitemap.

The Software top level menu option is the one that contains the bulk of the documentation. There are 4 branches that come out of this menu option (Applications; Libraries; Compilers and Interpreters; and Infrastructure and Utilities). It is only the options from those 4 pages that contain documentation specific to the ARC systems that have further pages that are given in the sitemap, there is considerably more software installed on the systems.

Some pages are accessible from 2 parts of the tree. These are the pages that document the performance analysis tools. Some of these could be considered libraries, some utilities and some application. In the sitemap these tool are listed together as they have common functionality and come off the page called Debugging and Profiling Tools which is a sub-menu of the Using top level menu option.