Research At Home

During the Covid-19 amended working pattern, we’ll be sharing our resources on how to continue with your computational research, teaching and learning whilst working remotely. We’ll also share more resources from our Research Computing colleagues around the world.


Using the HPC whilst working remotely

See below for a range of videos covering useful topics for accessing and using HPC when working remotely.

Getting MobaXTerm and connecting to ARC

Connecting to ARC from off-campus via MobaXTerm

Connecting to ARC off-campus via Linux/MacOS

Configuring your MobaXTerm Terminal for accessing ARC remotely

Data Transfer using Rsync (On Campus)

Using Conda on ARC4 (only on ARC4)

Submitting a job on ARC

Troubleshooting a job on HPC

Deleting a job in the queue

Research Remote working resources

See below for videos on how to set up useful research computing tools on your local computer when remote working.

Getting Anaconda Python and Conda package manager on Windows

Getting Anaconda Python and Conda package manager on Linux


Getting Anaconda Python and Conda package manager on MacOS

Get a Bash shell on your Windows Computer

Resources for teaching and learning remotely

Resources for preparing online/remote teaching

Another article with a discussion of issues and links to other resources, focused more on K-12

Google doc with links to a myriad of university sites that discuss strategies and methods for moving classes online. I have not looked at all of them but note that the keep teaching site at The Ohio State University is very comprehensive.


Blog post for Chronicle on Higher Education with discussion of major issues and links to other resources

Chronicle guides to online teaching: