Before you are able to access AMBER, you will be asked to read and agree to the licence terms.

These can be viewed by following this link. You are recommended to print out and sign a copy for your own reference.

To access Amber, load its module through:

$ module load amber 

This sets the AMBERHOME environment variable and your path to include the bin directory, with common executables as follows:

$AMBERHOME/bin/sander Serial version of SANDER
$AMBERHOME/bin/sander.MPI sander built to run over Infiniband
$AMBERHOME/bin/pmemd Serial version of PMEMD
$AMBERHOME/bin/pmemd.MPI pmemd built to run over Infiniband

Example job submission scripts.

The following script will run pmemd on 16 cores for 48 hours, the module command is included in the submission script therefore it is not necessary to have the environment loaded prior to job submission: :

#$ -cwd
#$ -l h_rt=48:00:00
#$ -pe ib 16
module add amber

mpirun pmemd.MPI  -O -i $ -o $f.out -inf $f.inf \
        -c gc90turn10wat.$l -ref gc90turn10wat.$l -r gc90turn10wat.$f \
        -p -x gc90turn10wat$f.x -e gc90turn10wat$f.ene

This script can be submitted to the batch queues with:

% qsub