For information about using the software please look at the fusionmap website.

Setting the module environment

Fusionmap can be used in either 64-bit or 32-bit modes, and depends on the mono module. To use the 64-bit version use:

$ module load bit/64
$ module load mono FusionMap

to add the executables to your environment. Please note that the module bit/64 is loaded to your environment by default. If you would like to switch to the 32-bit version, use module switch bit/64 bit/32 . This should load the correct versions of mono and FusionMap .

Batch execution

Fusionmap is a multithreaded application and so you will need to request appropriate resources. An example script, ex_fusion.sh would look like:

#$ -cwd -V 
#$ -l h_rt=12:00:00
#$ h_vmem=1G
#$ -pe smp 4
mono-sgen ${FUSIONMAP_HOME}/bin/FusionMap.exe   

This requests 12 hours of runtime on 4 processes and 1 Gb of memory. It can be submitted with:

$ qsub ex_fusion.sh

The number of processes needs to correspond to the number of threads used to configure Fusionmap (the !ThreadNumber variable in the Fusionmap control file). Please note that by default you may request a maximum of 8 cores with 1536M of memory per thread. If you need more, there are some slower 16 core 8G/core machines. An example script, fusion_more_mem.sh , would look like:

#$ -cwd -V 
#$ -l h_rt=12:00:00
#$ h_vmem=3G
#$ -pe smp 8
mono-sgen ${FUSIONMAP_HOME}/bin/FusionMap.exe   

This can then be submitted using:

$ qsub fusion_more_mem.sh

For more information on using qsub please look at list of common options.