GULP is installed under an academic license agreement.

Developer Website

More information on GULP can be found at Curtin University Nanomaterials Research Institute

Setting the module environment

When you log in, do:

$ module add gulp

To add the executables to your environment.

Batch execution

Parallel ( gulp.MPI ) and serial ( gulp ) executables are available on the system.

Parallel execution

An example script, , looks like:

#$ -cwd -V 
#$ -l h_rt=10:00:00
#$ -pe ib 4
mpirun gulp.MPI  

This requests 10 hours of runtime on 4 cores, to run in the current directory( -cwd ) and using the current environment ( -V ). More memory per core can be requested, 2Gb for instance, by adding the line #$ -l h_vmem=2G to the script. For more options look at qsub options. The script can be submitted with:

% qsub

Serial execution

The serial code is called gulp , an example script can be used to launch it:

#$ -cwd -V 
#$ -l h_rt=10:00:00

To submit the above script do:

% qsub