Opendx is installed on the facility and is an open source visualisation software package. To get started using this software please look at the tutorrial page located at OpenDX tutorials.

Setting the module environment

When you log in, do:

% module add opendx

To add the executable to your environment.

Batch execution

To launch the program through the batch queues you will need to use qrsh . For example enter:

% qrsh -cwd -V -l h_rt=01:00:00 dx

on the command line to launch the program for 1 hour, in the current working directory and environment variables. Please note that since the program is a GUI you will need to have connected to with -Y or -X options of ssh in order to setup the correct display settings.

Parallel execution

Opendx can be run in parallel. It is designed to run in a shared memory environment. To do this use,

% qrsh -cwd -V -l h_rt=01:00:00 -pe smp 4 dx

Where -pe smp 4 sets up the correct parallel environment, in this case with four cores. If you wish to run with more that eight cores or 12Gb of memory, please contact for more details.