Infrastructure and Utilities


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We do not have user documentation pages for all our utilities, any that are in the table that has a link will connect to our documentation. If you want to contribute towards documentation for any software, please contact us.

We do not deal with software licenses as we do not hold the budget for them; it is the PI of the research project responsibility to have the right budget for the software that is needed. Any unusual information about licenses or how to set up a license on the ARC system is in a web page linked to from this table. Information on open source licenses and their conditions of use are available from

Infrastructure and Utilities

This table of applications was automatically created Wed Oct 4 13:07:14 2017
Module Version(s) 3 2 M1 Description
advisor 2017.1.1.486553 Y Y Vector optimisation prototyping
allinea 4.2.1-38435 Y Y Allinea DDT/MAP – serial/parallel debugging/profiling
7.0 Y
ant 1.8.3 Y Apache Antbuild utility for Java
bazaar 2.7.0 Y Distributed version control system
cmake Y Y Cross-platform build system Y Y
3.2.3 Y Y Y
3.7.2 Y Y
dmtcp 2.3.1 Y Y Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing
doxygen 1.8.8 Y Cross-platform build system
inspector 2017.1.1.484836 Y Vector optimisation prototyping
maven 3.1.1 Y Apache Mavenproject management tool for Java
singularity 2.2 Y Y Image based container software
2.2.1 Y Y
2.3.1 Y Y
vtune 2017.1.0.486011 Y Y Performance analysis tool for serial/multithreaded programs