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We do not have user documentation pages for all our utilities, any that are in the table that has a link will connect to our documentation. If you want to contribute towards documentation for any software, please contact us.

We do not deal with software licenses as we do not hold the budget for them; it is the PI of the research project responsibility to have the right budget for the software that is needed. Any unusual information about licenses or how to set up a license on the ARC system is in a web page linked to from this table. Information on open source licenses and their conditions of use are available from


This table of infrastructure was automatically created Wed Oct 4 12:38:52 2017
Module Version(s) Description
advisor 2017.1.1.486553 Vector optimisation prototyping
allinea 4.2.1-38435 Allinea DDT/MAP – serial/parallel debugging/profiling
ant 1.8.3 Apache Antbuild utility for Java
cmake Cross-platform build system
dmtcp 2.3.1 Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing
licenses Default licenses
sge SGE batch system
singularity 2.2 Image based container software
system System utility modules
test Adds the test module paths
user Default environment settings
vtune 2017.1.0.486011 Performance analysis tool for serial/multithreaded programs


This table of compilers was automatically created Wed Oct 4 12:38:52 2017
Module Version(s) Description
ghc 7.8.2 Glasgow Haskell Compiler
gnu 4.8.1 OS-supplied GNU GCC compiler suite
intel 15.0.0(default) Intel compiler suite
java 7u45 Oracle Java SDK
llvm 3.4.2 Modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies
perl 5.24.1 Programming language
pgi 13.6 Portland Group (PGI) compiler suite
python 2.7.6 Programming language (OS supplied)
yasm 1.2.0 Rewrite of NASM assembler


This table of libraries was automatically created Wed Oct 4 12:38:52 2017
Module Version(s) Description
acml 5.3.1 AMD Core Math Libraries (optimised BLAS, LAPACK, etc.)
atlas 3.10.1 Optimised BLAS and LAPACK libraries (inc. LAPACK 3.4.2)
boost 1.54.0 Peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
bzip2 1.0.6 Compression library
cube 4.2.3 Cube C-writer, C++ reader, tools and GUI
curl 7.47.1 Compression library
darshan 2.3.0 HPC I/O characterisation tool
ffmpeg 2.0.2 Audio and video codec libraries
fftw 2.1.5 Discrete Fourier Transform library
gdal 1.11.0 Translator library for geospatial data formats
geos 3.4.2 C++ port of Java Topology Suite (JTS)
gsl 1.15 GNU Scientific Library
hdf5 1.8.11 File format for storing and managing data
hypre 2.9.0b Parallel sparse linear equation solver
intelmpi Intel MPI 3.0 library
itac 2017.1.024 Intel Trace Analyser and Collector
libx264 20161130-2245 Library and application for encoding video to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
mkl 11.0u5 Intel Math Kernel Library (optimised BLAS, LAPACK, etc.)
mvapich2 1.9 MPI 2.2 library (MPICH for InfiniBand)
netcdf 4.3.0 NetCDF library (inc. pnetcdf 1.3.1 and hdf5 1.8.11)
ompP 0.8.5 OpenMP application profiling tool
opencv Realtime computer vision library
openmpi 1.6.5 MPI 3.0 library
osmesa 10.6.9 Off-screen OpenGL implementation (no X required)
otf2 1.2.1 MPI Open Trace Format 2
papi 5.4.0 Performance Application Programming Interface
pcre 8.35 Compression library
pdt 3.20 Program Database Toolkit
proj 4.8.0 Cartographic Projections Library
python-libs 2.4.0 Python modules for numerical work
qt 4.8.6 Cross-platform application and UI framework
scorep 1.3 Score-P measurement infrastructure
silo 4.10.2 Mesh and Field I/O Library and Scientific Database
snap 3.0 development library
suitesparse 4.2.1 Sparse matrix software (UMFPACK, CHOLMOD, etc.)
tau 2.24 Tuning and Analysis Utilities
udunits 2.2.17 C library for manipulation of physical units
vtk 6.0.0 Visualization Toolkit
xz 5.2.2 Compression library
zlib 1.2.11 Compression library


This table of applications was automatically created Wed Oct 4 12:38:52 2017
Module Version(s) Description
amber 14 Molecular dynamics simulation
gaussian G09.D01 Electronic structure modeling
grace 5.1.23 Plotting tool
gromacs 5.0.2 Molecular dynamics package
matlab R2016a A high-level technical computing language
mro 3.2.3 Statistical computing and graphics
nco 4.3.7 netCDF Operator – netCDF file manipulation tools
paraview 4.3.1 Data analysis and visualisation
paraview-osmesa 4.4.0 Data analysis and visualisation (CPU rendering)
qiime 1.8.0 Quantitative insights into microbial ecology
R 3.0.2 Statistical computing and graphics
relion 1.2 cryo-EM refinement tool.
rstudio 0.98.1103 GUI for R
stata 15 Statistical software
visit 2.9.2 Parallel visualisation and graphical analysis tool