HPC4: An introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI C and Fortran

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Workshop content

The workshop would most benefit new users familiarising themselves with existing MPI codes, or in particular users with C or Fortran single processor serial codes which they would like to develop for the University’s ARC high performance computing facilities. That does not mean to say you won’t benefit if you don’t have a specific parallel programming task to consider, but that is the best position to be in for this workshop. The workshop does not cover an introduction to using the HPC facilities (covered in separate workshops) or shared memory programming nor is it an introductory programming workshop.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • An introduction to parallel programming

  • An introduction to MPI

  • An understanding of point-to-point communications with MPI

  • An understanding of collective group communications with MPI

  • An understanding of data IO operations in parallel, including MPI-IO


The workshop is designed for those familiar with the UNIX environment and experience of programming in C or FORTRAN is essential. No previous experience of MPI or parallel programming is necessary. Experience of compiling and submitting jobs on the ARC facilities is useful.


1 day


This workshop usually runs once each academic year.

If you would like a bespoke version of this course run in your department then please contact us.


Research postgraduate students and above; teaching lecturing and research staff.