Update: Research Computing and HPC availability

Hello everyone,

You will have heard by now that the University is moving to a mainly remote working model.

Although our offices will be closed, we, together with our colleagues across IT Services, have prepared for this and will be continuing to work with you and run the HPC and Research Computing service as normally as possible.

All of our training and meetings are moving to online delivery until further notice and we will be using Teams, Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate to teach these. Our colleagues in IT Training will give you all the information you need to join in these sessions.

We’re here too to talk about future research proposals.

To help us work with you in the most structured way, please carry on using the ticketing system through our contact form https://bit.ly/arc-help

The ARC HPC systems will continue to be accessible and available for your research. We will continue to monitor them.

You will continue to be able to access the ARC systems remotely. This IT Knowledge Base article gives more information: https://it.leeds.ac.uk/it?id=kb_article&sysparm_article=KB0013720

You’ll still be able to apply for accounts on the ARC systems although account creation may take a while longer than normal: https://arc.leeds.ac.uk/apply/getting-an-account/

We will be sharing lots of tips and ideas to support you over the coming weeks and there will be a new Research@Home section of our Website supported by regular Blog posts (https://arc.leeds.ac.uk/blog ) with all this information too.  Please let us know if you want to contribute a Blog post to share with our community.

We’re also going be holding regular Research Computing coffee mornings.  You can join us and each other for an informal chat, a coffee and a bit of toast (you’ll have to provide these yourselves…).  More on these soon.  Our TechTalk series will continue too as will our Meet The Team sessions.  As ever, all our sessions are open to everyone.

Keep an eye on our mailing lists as we update our resources and arrange our dates:

arc-users@lists.leeds.ac.uk (HPC service announcements)

research-computing@lists.leeds.ac.uk (general research computing news and announcements)

With all of our best wishes,

Martin, Mark, Alex, Ollie, Nick, John, Adam, Phil and Sean