mpiP is a lightweight profiling library for MPI applications.

This page demonstrates usage on our systems and offers a short tour of some of the functionality – please see the website for more details:

Basic usage

Before using, please execute the following to make the software available:

Profile an application by modifying the normal mpirun command within a job script to read:

At the start of execution, mpiP will emit a header the terminal, so that it is clear it is working:

A text file will be created, containing MPI information about the run, including aggregate information on number, size and duration of each MPI call in the application.

If the application has been compiled with -g , then mpiP will attempt to show what file and line number of each MPI call.


The behaviour of mpiP can be influenced by setting the MPIP environment variable, enabling it to print more or less detail: see the project website for more information.

Example output