Access From Off-Campus

For security reasons direct access to our systems is via SSH and is restricted to machines on the University of Leeds network and partner sites such as N8 Universities for access to Polaris. Note that the machines do not support access by the NoMachine protocol and only provide command-line access.

There are two supported methods to connect to the HPC clusters from off campus:

  1. Through the University Virtual Private Network client (VPN). The VPN is managed and supported by IT Services. Full details on setting up and configuring this is available on their Web site. This will involve installing and setting up a small piece of software (the Junos Pulse VPN client).
  2. Through the supported remote-access Linux service. This is a minimal command-line Linux service thqt can be used as an intermediate host to access University services. Login to the service and then login again to the service you need. For example:

and then when logged in:


Don’t forget that you’ll need to logout TWICE (one for the HPC service and then again for remote-access).

For advanced use of this service, such as bastion-host SSH connections, please get in touch.