Advanced SGE: GPGPU

The ARC3 system is the first cluster at Leeds to include GPU accelerator technologies.

In addition to the standard GPU nodes, the cluster provides 2 GPU nodes each with 24 cores and 128GB of memory, an 800GB hard disk drive and two NVIDIA K80 cards.


The scheduler has been extended to allow requests for GPU resources. To request K80 GPU resource you should use the flag:

  • 12 CPU cores
  • 64 GB memory

  • 24 CPU cores
  • 128 GB memory

To use the GPU cards you will need to ensure that the NVIDIA CUDA toolkit module is loaded into your environment:

Note that this version of the CUDA environment will only work with certain compiler versions:

  • INTEL versions 15 and 16
  • PGI versions >= 16.3
  • GNU version 4.8.2 (this is the gnu/native compiler

To confirm what cards you have been allocated use the command: