Research Computing Champions are members of the Research community who we think are super!

They are researchers who we think do great research and know their way around subject-specific computing tools and techniques. They help the Research Computing Team by being a point of call for domain specific queries and who are happy to help others too. To reward their collaborations with us we offer them access to the cool, new things we often get to work with and provide them with access to our smaller peer training sessions we run.

Could you be a champion or know someone who could be? Send us a message (login required).

Below are the current champions:

Profile image of Daniel Valdenegro

Daniel Valdenegro

Daniel Valdenegro is a PhD student in Computational Social Science at the University of Leeds and former Data Analyst and Junior Researcher at the Social Psychology Lab of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He is passionate about data analysis and quantitative social research methodology, with experience working with R, Python and JavaScript. His research interests are in the use of ‘big data’ from digital sources -such as social media, IoT or just general digital footprint- to model human behaviour. His current PhD project attempts to use the public digital footprint on social media of populations that are undergoing periods of social unrest, to extract their general emotional pattern, all this to build a predictive model of activism based on theses parameters.

Profile image of Ben Hanson

Ben Hanson

Ben is a computational biophysicist working in the School of Physics and Astronomy. He's currently researching the multiscale formation and mechanical properties of globular protein hydrogels, but is interested overall in how general physical models translate across the biological mesoscale. Part of his interest in the role of research software champion is in communicating to the scientific research populace the overlap and differences between mathematics, computation and experimental science.