Research Computing Consultancy

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) service within Research Computing offers specialist software development consulting to research projects at the University of Leeds.

Our Service

We are a diverse team of developers with a broad skill set from database solutions, grid computing to data science. We have extensive experience of high performance computing and have supported research across the entire University. You can meet members of the team via the Team page.

We can contribute impact at every stage of your project from preparing code for publication to applying for funding. We help researchers ensure their projects meet the stringent funder requirements for research reproducibility and software longevity.

We deliver maintainable, reliant and scalable solutions that can be designed for any specific fixed term engagement. We can offer consultancy services from the short-term to long-term, part- or full-time, and can be costed into grant applications or charged at a daily rate.

Case studies

You can read through some examples of consulting work the Research Computing Team have been part of at our Case studies blog.

How to request

To get started you can submit details of your intended project via the contact form below outlining the scope of your project, the technical requirements and timescales. We’ll then get in touch to arrange a one-to-one scoping meeting from which we can work out how best to proceed.