We offer a number of training courses on a wide range of topics related to programming, data analysis and High Performance Computing. These are split across three themes:

High Performance Computing
Software Development

Our workshops are at Beginner (marked with a B) and Intermediate (I) levels. More advanced courses are available through ARCHER training, whose courses are free to all academic and research staff and students. Click on the link below for more information about the course and how to book.

If you need some help choosing workshops, take a look at the suggested training pathways.

In addition, we run a number of two and three day Software Carpentry (in Python, R or Matlab) and Data Carpentry workshops plus occasional one off courses, meetings and seminars.

Dates will be listed in the training diary below.

All of our courses and workshops are listed in the table below and dates will appear in the training diary at the bottom of this page.

To book, follow the link for the course you are interested in below. If the course is open for booking, there will be a Click here to book link at the bottom of the page.

If you require training in an area related to High Performance Computing or research software development that we do not currently provide please contact us and let us know. This will allow us to develop training that is relevant to researchers at the University of Leeds.

High Performance Computing workshops

Title Duration Level
HPC 0: Introduction to Linux for High Performance Computing 1/2 day B
HPC 1: Introduction to High Performance Computing at Leeds 1 day B
HPC 2: Installing and managing applications and containers on the HPC service 1 day I
HPC 3: Computer Architectures and shared memory parallel programming 1 day I
HPC 4: An introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI and MPI-IO for C and Fortran 1 day I
HPC 5: Introduction to GPU programming with CUDA 1 day I
HPC 6: HPC for Life Sciences and Bioinformatics 1 day B
HPC 7: HPC for Data Analytics 1 day
HPC 8: Docker and Singularity: Containers for HPC  This workshop has now been combined with HPC 2 above 1 day I

 Software Development workshops

Title Duration Level
SWD 1a: Introduction to Python programming 4 x 1/2 day B
SWD 1b: Introduction to R programming 4 x 1/2 day B
SWD 1c: Introduction to Fortran programming 2 x 1 day B
SWD 2: Version control with Git and Github 1 day B
SWD 3: Software development practices for research programming 1 day B/I
SWD 4: Cloud computing for research 1 day I
SWD 5: Scientific Python 1 day I
SWD 6: High Performance Python 1 day
SWD 7: Introduction to Machine Learning for research 1 day
SWD 8: Introduction to Deep Learning for research 1 day

 Computer Graphics workshops

Title Duration Level
GPH1: Visualisation basics with Paraview 1 day B/I
GPH2: An introduction to Fiji 1/2 day B/I

Special workshops and seminars

Title Duration Level
SPC 1: Introduction to reproducible workflows in Python 1 day I