Research Computing Team

Meet the members of the Research Computing Team at Leeds:

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Mark Conmy

Role: Head of Research IT

Mark started out with a degree in Computer Science and, after a couple of years as a software engineer in the financial world, has spent over twenty-five years working in academia, specialising in research systems and research-led teaching. As well as developing and supporting software and hardware solutions across the University's wide research portfolio, Mark has lectured in software engineering and championed the need for specialist research support throughout his career. Working as part of the University IT Executive Team, Mark's portfolio encompasses all aspects of Research IT, and how to continue to develop its teams and research capabilities to meet the exciting challenges of the future.

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Martin Callaghan

Role: Research Computing Consultant

Martin is a Research Computing Consultant and part of the Research Computing group at the University of Leeds in the UK, where we provide High Performance Computing (HPC), Programming and Software Development consultancy across a diverse research community. My role involves Research Software Engineering, training, consultancy and outreach. He also manages a comprehensive HPC and Research Computing training programme designed to be a ‘zero to hero’ structured introduction to HPC, Cloud and research software development. Before joining the University of Leeds, he worked as an Engineer designing machine tool control systems, a teacher and ran his own training and consultancy business. Personal research interests are in text analytics, particularly using neural networks to summarise text at scale.

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Phil Chambers

Role: Data Analyst

Phil is a Data Analyst at the University of Leeds, working within the Data Analytics Team at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). Following work in the NHS, he was a post-doctoral researcher in cancer genomics and the genomics of autoimmune diseases. He has used his skills with Python, R and SQL to extract and transform data from diverse sources and analyse data with various statistical tools. He is keen to use his skills and research experience to promote reproducible research across the university.

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Ollie Clark

Role: Research Software Engineer

Ollie is Research Software Engineer at the University of Leeds. He has experience in databases and web development and is familiar with languages including Perl; Python and C/C++. He also has experience with version control and RDBMs including Postgres; MySQL and SQL Server.

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Alex Coleman

Role: Research Software Engineer

Alex is a Research Software Engineer at the University of Leeds. Previously, he worked in Leeds Institute of Data Analytics as a Data Scientist intern on projects looking at automatically classifying police dispatch reports using natural language processing and developing methods for simulating police supply and demand. He has experience using Python and R to wrangle data, develop statistical models and implement and deploy interactive applications built ontop those models. He is evangelical about reproducible research especially through leveraging software development tools such as version control, CI/CD, documentation and testing to make code more open and more useful.

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Samantha Crossfield

Role: Data Analyst

Samantha is part of the Data Analytics Team within the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics and provides data handling support. Her work involves identifying research data requirements, developing secure data flow protocols, and extracting and transforming data using SQL, R and STATA. She leads the information governance and data handling processes for a project that links GP, community and hospital data to assess long-term cancer care. She also works on de-identification processes for electronic health data, linkage and spatio-temporal data and informs research methods processes. She is also studying for a PhD, using electronic health records data to evaluate the burden and management of inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases including rheumatoid arthritis.

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John Hodrien

Role: Research Software Engineer

John is a Research Software Engineer working within the Research IT team at the University of Leeds. Starting life as a Computer Scientist at Leeds; he taught parallel programming (C/C++; MPI/pthreads); before becoming a researcher within the Visualisation and Virtual Reality research group; all within the School of Computing. In these research roles; he has developed systems for working with pathology data with high resolution display clusters; and worked on a number of research projects on e-Science/Grid Computing. More recent work within IT involved providing and supporting a range of predominantly Linux solutions to research and teaching within Engineering; and more recently John has been a leader of this provision for the whole University.

John has worked with a number of languages such as C/C++; Java; and Fortran; along with associated toolchains like Git; and has a soft spot for configuration management tools like Puppet; which has been used to provide standard configuration and deployment of systems and solutions at Leeds.

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Adam Keeley

Role: Data Analyst

Adam is a Data Analyst in the Data Analytics Team at Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) His background is in harnessing database and business intelligence tools. He is familiar working with SQL server, C#, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS.

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Nick Rhodes

Role: Research Software Engineer

Nick is a Research Software Engineer at the University of Leeds. Before moving to this role he worked as an Operational Lead supporting the student information management systems and DBA team. He has extensive experience working in higher education and NHS developing and supporting large enterprise systems. Nick is skilled in a wide range of technologies and programming languages across web, applications, databases, networking and server infrastructure. He has frequently worked in devops and lean/agile teams.

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Sean Tuck

Role: Research Software Engineer

Sean is a Research Software Engineer at the University of Leeds, working within the Data Analytics Team at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). His programming experience has been focused on software for data access and analysis. After completing his PhD in computational ecology, he worked at a digital agency in Leeds, doing research for private companies. Sean has used a wide range of statistical models and machine learning libraries across various research projects. The language he has most experience with is R, including R package development, with experience also using Python, SQL and to a lesser extent C#.