🎄12 Days of HPC 2021

Understanding the effect of digital communication on firm performance with machine learning

Blog post number 9 in our 12 days of HPC series from Marketing!

During the month of December we’re featuring blog posts from researchers from across the University of Leeds showcasing the fantastic work they do using our High Performance Computing system. Follow us @RC_at_Leeds to keep up to date with our 12 days of HPC blog series.

What’s your name?

Ashutosh Singh

What department do you work in?


What research question are you trying to answer?

  1. How user-generated content can help to categorize users?
  2. How do users react to previous online reviews?
  3. How do users react to the sponsored content?

What tools or technologies do you use in your research? (Programming languages, packages, APIs)

Stata, Python, R

How does HPC help your research?

I am working on a large dataset which I can’t open on my laptop. It needs a system with high computational power. HPC solves my problem.

What is the potential impact of your research?

My research identifies the effect of sponsored content on internet users which can help managers to plan a strategy for allocating budget for sponsorship marketing.

In your personal opinion what’s the coolest thing about your research?

I am using machine learning methods to analyse the text data. Machine learning’s word embedding approach can help to solve various research questions.

In your opinion, what is the ultimate Christmas song?

Last Christmas